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WELCOME PACK – A Perfect Start

We understand that our primary role in a study and settle abroad aspirants’ journey is to help make better career decisions and ensure the visa application success.

We believe our responsibility toward students doesn’t end with only the visa facilitation. Being true to our name, BEYOND VISA, we offer a WELCOME PACK to all our clients who avail of our career and visa consultation services.

WELCOME PACK is our gratitude towards our valued clients and entails a selection of key skills that will remain with them for their lifetime. It doesn’t contain gadgets or gifts but the tools required to convert all the future challenges into opportunities in their dream destination.

Our international presence enables us to provide key skills and support our clients in their success journey when they land in their dream country. We have carefully designed our WELCOME PACK to utilise our 25 years of overseas experience and better understand our international education and employability landscapes. Each feature helps our clients at every step of their study and settle abroad journey.

This solution for international students manifests our mission statement and empowers students to be deserving of what they desire.

Essential Health & Safety Skills

Health & Safety Skills such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Hazardous Substance Handling are a big highlight on any resume, especially for the new entrants to the country. It indicates to the prospective employer that you are proactively investing in your career profile by picking essential life skills and trying to assimilate into society. The other courses covered in this bundle are Food Safety & Handling, Food Allergens Awareness, Slip trip & Fall Prevention, and correct PPE usage.

Short courses in Applied Skils

As a critical part of the WELCOME PACK, we provide instructors with lead short courses in fundamentals of the retail sales and distribution sectors. These two sectors account for 80% of the part-time jobs available for students, where they can strike a balance between their study and work commitments. By doing meaningful part-time jobs, students pick the real-world experience that helps their PR aspirations.

Job search & Resume Support

Once you have picked up the required skills, we will help you formulate a job search plan to secure the roles relevant to your study stream to put yourself in the right career growth trajectory. Our job search support will help with resume writing and application processes in line with the procedures and format of your destination country.

Scientific Career Planning Guidance

Career planning is the core of the study and settle abroad plans. We provide the world’s leading scientific career discovery tools to help students make better career decisions aligned with their career aspirations, abilities and personality strengths.

Study Ready

Our study ready program helps students face one of the biggest challenges, which is writing winning College Assignments & Presentations. Regardless of their academic capabilities, students find it hard to adapt to the study environment of an overseas institute. But we will empower you with critical tertiary study skills so that you can achieve academic success.

Life Ready

As you embark on uncharted territories, we will help you settle in your dream country’s social and economic environment through our LIFE READY program. You will acquire vital soft skills, and knowledge of taxation and political framework will make you feel part of society and have a rewarding overall experience.
Our unique WELCOME PACK program is delivered online by expert trainers in easy to understand language, so students make the best of the opportunity to prepare for their study ad settle. Upon completion of the program, we will provide students with participation and completion certificates that students can mention their resumes and apply for roles that require a specific skill set.

Quality education accompanied by meaningful employment, will ensure a fulfilling and rewarding experience for international students. It will lead to a successful futuristic career and help them become a global citizen.

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