We proudly partner with notable institutes which provide quality education. Once the students decide upon their career paths, we help them with their admissions in Premier Institutes and Colleges across their chosen field of study.

We help our students with the selection procedure, the eligibility criteria of the institutes that closely matches with their subject area and their career goals. We also help with supporting documents like the statement of purpose and the letter of recommendation.

We understand and recognise that visa facilitation is an important part of our services and it is a launching platform for our students who embark upon a new journey for their education overseas. Arranging a visa can be very daunting for them and at times it is so difficult that important matters post your visa are overlooked.

We help students with each step of their visa facilitation. We guide them through legally correct procedures which ensures that their visa application process takes minimal time with least expenditure. We entertain no hidden costs and charge only for the procedures required for filing of your application.

We only process cases of bonafide career-focused aspiring students. Our dedicated visa members are well equipped with the latest visa regulations and requirements around critical matters to ensure a positive outcome of visa application.

Who We Are?

We are a team of International career consultants with a strong focus on employability enhancement. Beyond Visa is an initiative by professionals who started their journeys as international students 20 years back from now, and we want to pass on the experience and knowledge to the next generation of aspiring students looking for a career overseas.

We distinguish ourselves from conventional education agencies in many ways but mainly we act as a career mentor rather than an agent. We have a strong presence in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India, where we offer in-depth knowledge about these destinations which helps you to choose the right country for your education overseas.


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