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Study Ready: Tertiary Study Skills

Take a quick test to see how prepared you are to adjust in the learning environment of your destination country.

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1. Do you know how to present information in Graphs, tables & Charts?

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2. Do you know how to check credibility of information found on the internet?

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3. Do you have good Essay & Report writing skills?

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4. Are you familiar with 5R summarizing techniques to write winning assignments?

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5. Do you know what is plagiarism?

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6. Do you know what is the SQ3R reading concept that makes you an effective reader? 

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7. Are you familiar with the concept of Referencing & Citation? APA or MLA etc.

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8. Are you good in paraphrasing and sentence structure?

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9. Do you know how to manage & collate the research carried out on internet?

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10. Do you have good online research skills

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11. Do you have a plan for your digital identity and digital footprints to stay safe while online?

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12. Do you know how to select appropriate information sources for your topic

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13. Are you familiar with different forms of writing, such as Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative?

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14. Are you aware of the different types of assessments, such as Case studies, presentations and assignments?

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15. Do you have the skills for effective, persuasive oral presentations to your study group?

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Study and settle abroad journey is full of challenges and opportunities. Your goal should be not only education but enhanced employability in your chosen field to justify the investment of time and money.

Start your journey on the right note by testing where you stand across different skills and attributes tep New Zealand employers are looking for. Your employability depends on six factors 1. Personal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking Skills 4. Self Management Skills 5. Self management skills 6. Applied & technical Skills

A successful and rewarding career awaits you in your destination country. Use this test and prepare to stand out of crowd.

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are concerned about getting a career related job in the current economic market


believe their prospects for employment in their chosen field immediately after University are not really strong


believe universities are not sufficiently equipping students with practical skills to help fulfil workplace needs

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