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Adjusting in the overseas learning environment is a steep learning curve for any international student.

We are here to help you overcome this challenge and bridge the gap


Study Ready

For any aspiring young person, higher international education is a great opportunity to develop a global perspective. It opens doors to endless possibilities in today’s economic world with no boundaries. However international education system is different from the education system that students have been engaged with in India and this can present its own challenges to all students regardless of their academic capabilities. 

We as an international educational consultant recognize this gap between different educational systems across different countries and offer a proactive solution to address this problem which is called the Study Ready Program. It ensures smooth transitionining and equips our students with required skills, knowledge, strategies and resources to fill this gap. 

This program is structured to provide guidance on:


Digital Information Research & Management

While researching digitally about the topic of your assignment, a student must use some techniques to find the relevant information and manage/collaborate to make it constructive understanding of the topic. We introduce you to some of the tested techniques as a critical element of our study ready program.

Information selection & credibility

Next is information selection and credibility analysis. This step covers all the important aspects of vetting the research gathered. Vetting is very important to fully understand and corroborate the information you have. If the information turns out to be wrong or misinterpreted then it can have a negative impact on your scores in your tests. Thus we train our students on checking the credibility of their research. 

Acknowledgement, Referencing and Citation

The information that you are providing in your assignments, or essays references to someone else’s work, be it a book, article or research must be clearly acknowledged. We introduce you to different techniques of references & citations such as APA and MLA styles.

Academic Integrity & Plagiarizing

When you are tested on the knowledge of the subject body your instructor expects you to produce an original piece of work. You can use the information available online but mere copy and paste would amount to plagiarism. In this section of training we help you to structure and organize your work to maintain the authenticity and claim the ownership of your work.

Paraphrasing & Academic Writing

At a tertiary level of education students are expected to have academic writing skills to explain and further collaborate on the core subject matter. This will help the student to write clean, clear & concise and score high in their assignments. An effective paraphrasing will help the student to access the worth, importance and effectiveness of something providing reactions and evidence to support their opinions.

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