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New Zealand is ranked high amongst the list of popular Study destinations because of their quality education. Modern education curriculums are a blend of classroom and experience-based learning but what sets New Zealand apart from the rest is that the New Zealand government has set strong quality control measures to ensure that international students could get good quality education to succeed all around the world. A quality education comlemented with realworld professional experience through generous post study work visa opportunties is a great opportunity for any asirant looking to enhance the employability.

Study Options and Educational Framework

New Zeland have a 3 tier education system comprising of Private training establishments, Government operated polytechnics and 8 world leading Universities, all of them offer a variety of courses to choose from based upon your interest. Institutes in New Zealand offer amazing education and experience opportunities in the fields of Health Science, Business Studies, Information Technology,Construction management and industrial Engineering. New Zealand’s educational framework is designed to deliver post-secondary Vocational skills courses of level 4 & 5, Academic Diploma courses of level 5 & 6 and undergraduate degree options at Level 7. Post graduate courses of Level 8 & master degrees at level 9 provides learning opportunites for students to advance their knowledge in their chosen study path. Check this link to check the documents required at different stages of your student visa process

Admissions and Visa

NZ student visa process is student-centric and is one of the most streamlined visa process. It doesn’t require any financial committment till the visa has been granted in principal to avoid unneccessary interest charges and forex conversion fees. It starts with OOP from the institute, then filing the visa with immigration authorities with academic, identification, medical and financial documents.College fee & living expenses (FTS) are only to be paid upon visa approval in principle.

Please check this link to download a complete list of documents required at different stages of visa process.

Post Study Work Right

NZ has recently made significant changes in this area. Students studying in the degree programs (undergraduate or graduate) have the opportunity to extend their stay for up to 3 years. Students enrolled in 1 year Graduate Diplomas studying toward engineering or early childhood profession are entitled for one year post study work visa rights,to gain valuable hands-on work experience which can help build their career.

Post Student Visa to PR pathway

NZ pathway for the student visa to permanent residency is a point-based system where the points are awarded for employability factors.  Along with quality education, Employability is the main factor in the newly introduced Skilled Migrant Category where a full-time job offer with work experience awards the required points to qualify for the residence pathway. of an acceptable level. Futuristic and High demand career pathways are on a fast-track Green list published by Immigration New Zealand to attract qualified professionals to study and settle in New Zealand.


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