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Earn while you learn is the goal of every international student. It’s not only to cover the living expenses, but also to gain the real-world experience that lays the foundation for a successful career.

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Even part time jobs have specific skills requirements.

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Job Ready

The Job Ready Program is designed to prepare students for meaningful part time jobs in their destination country. These skills will help to enter the job market of their desired career and pave the pathway to overseas settlement. The skills will change your profile and make the CV look great to the prospective employer.

We provide 4 different job ready training to suit your profile. All the programmes are designed and accredited by the reputed industry partners and professional bodies. We are the first and only consultation firm providing you these exceptional services. Get in touch to ensure the success.

Training For Retail and Customer Services

Retail and customer service sector provides a significant number of jobs for International students. Retail Hospitality and Customer Services related business operates longer hors and suits student’s study and work commitments. This program covers the skills to start the career as crew and grow to become a manager. This program will suit students for business and hospitality courses.

Training For Production & Manufacturing Sector jobs

While the students learn the in depth skills in the classroom and labs, the part time job in a production environment introduces students to real life scenarios. This specific training for the production environment would make the student desirable to the business seeking fresh ideas and innovative inputs.

Training For Distribution Center and Warehouse Services

The part time job opportunities in logistics and warehousing are rapidly increasing for tertiary students due to businesses shifting to online. But employers are looking for specific skills.
This program covers the skills to launch a career in a futuristic and globally valued sector.

Training For Healthcare Career Aspirants

Health care is a highly revolutionized field. The aspiring students will get industry jobs only upon the completion of their chosen courses. But with the help of this training program health care career aspirants will find a part time job in a relevant field to meet their role models and learn the industry practices.

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