Are you serious about your NZ Study and Settle plans? Don’t leave it to Chance.

It takes much more than a good qualification from high ranked University


See what skills & attributes NZ Employers are looking for.

Assess your readiness to secure employment in your dream career in beautiful New Zealand.

Study and settle abroad journey is full of challenges and opportunities. Your goal should be not only education but enhanced employability in your chosen field to justify the investment of time and money.

Start your journey on the right note by testing where you stand across different skills and attributes top New Zealand employers are looking for. Your employability depends on six factors 1. Personal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking Skills 4. Self Management Skills 5. Self management skills 6. Applied & technical Skills

A successful and rewarding career awaits you in your destination country. Use this quiz and prepare to stand out of crowd.


Answer 50 questions to discover your employability score and take charge of your future


Receive a personalized overseas career plan to make most of your study and settle abroad opportunities

Receive a Free coupon for World’s leading career discovery tool. We are bringing world class career success solution to your door steps

Upon completion of Quiz, Receive a comprehensive
report (A Sample Snippet)

Why do you need this test?


are concerned about getting a career related job in the current economic market


believe their prospects for employment in their chosen field immediately after University are not really strong


believe universities are not sufficiently equipping students with practical skills to help fulfil workplace needs

Please select the career stream because every stream requires specific skill sets to be successful

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