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Discover career success with our international graduate employability enhancement initiative CAREER LAUNCH PAD. We offer a strategic plan to close the 360-degree loop of educational, career and immigration success. It’s a mindset shift from only education to overall employability and mere immigration to Integration.

Educational qualifications contribute to just 50% of your overall employability quotient. It is even more challenging for newcomers to secure career-aligned employment opportunities. We are here to help them bridge the gap between Education & Employment using our 25 years of NZ experience, expertise, industry partnerships, & Scientific career development tools.

Our CAREER LAUNCH PAD program complements the subject matter expertise gained through university degrees by providing international students with essential applied and technical skills and critical employability skills highly valued by New Zealand employers. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-equipped to integrate seamlessly into the workforce, contributing effectively and easily adapting to the work culture.

This program includes a leading career discovery assessment, and skills bundle to enter and thrive in a rewarding career. It’s designed to help you build a strong foundation when transitioning from study to employment, preparing you for the competitive job market.

We support you in developing a job search strategy, personal branding, and a career plan tailored to your strengths and ambitions. We aim to empower you to secure rewarding employment and achieve your settlement aspirations.

Strengths Finder Assessment

Participants begin the program by taking the world’s leading scientific career discovery assessment to identify their personality strengths. So they pursue their career pathway aligned with their true calling and flourish in their professional life.

Health & Safety Skills

In New Zealand, proficiency in health and safety practices, such as First Aid, fire safety, and being a certified Health & Safety representative (NZQA 29315), is highly valued across various sectors, not just in industrial environments. For new graduates and migrants, these skills are a considerable advantage in the job market, demonstrating their proactive approach and commitment to workplace safety and readiness to handle emergencies, which can set them apart in a competitive employment landscape.

Modern-day Employability Skills

Our intuitive LMS offers over 100 short courses, covering 10 essential workplace and professional skill categories including Change Management, Conflict Resolution, and Emotional Intelligence. These micro-credentials highlight both applied and technical capabilities, enriching professional profiles with key personal and professional skills.

Professional Branding & Career Advancement Suite

This cohesive service is tailored to showcase your professional accomplishments and equip you with essential tools for a successful job search. We focus on building a compelling personal narrative, fine-tuning your resume, sharpening interview skills, and developing strategic job-hunting approaches to secure rewarding employment.

This segment of our program also incorporates securing membership in career-relevant professional accreditation bodies, such as NZPICS, CIMA, CPA, FMA ensuring that your qualifications and experience are recognized and valued in your industry.

ERP Systems & Analytical skills training coupled with Industy certification

In today’s rapid digital landscape, mastering ERP systems management is crucial for workforce entrants, highlighting their continuous learning, technical skills, and capability to optimize business processes for data-driven decisions. Gaining industry certifications like ECBA and CAPM is vital, as they reinforce your expertise and broaden your professional scope. These certifications equip you with key skills to identify and solve challenges across diverse sectors, greatly enhancing your employability and versatility in various industries.

Embracing Māori Culture in the NZ Workplace

Understanding and embracing Māori culture is vital in New Zealand. It forms the bedrock of our nation’s identity, enriching every aspect of life and work with its unique values, traditions, and perspectives. Our training module focuses on key cultural aspects like basic Te Reo Māori phrases, traditional customs, and the value of community and relationship-building in the workplace. Understanding and respecting these elements enriches the new comers New Zealand experience and equips them with unique interpersonal skills crucial for career success in a culturally diverse setting.

All of the skills covered in this program, are tangible and applied in real-world scenarios. They will give graduates an edge in today’s ever-changing employability landscape.

A quality education, a fulfilling and rewarding experience accompanied by meaningful employment will ensure a successful futuristic career for a graduate and help them become a global citizen.


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