Career Launch Pad

Take your career to new heights in international arena

Career Launch Pad

Overseas Education presents great Opportunities for Career-focused aspirants. However, students face several challenges when entering the work arena after completing their studies. Here we come in as your international employability expert rather than immigration or visa experts; we provide professional visa services. Still, our role in your success doesn’t just end there.

We are relentlessly committed to improving international students’ employability upon graduation. We practice a holistic 5E approach toward employment, including education, empowerment, engagement, experience and enhanced employability. For any international student, overseas education is much more than a qualification. It is a holistic effort to get invaluable real-life international work experience that launches their career on a global stage, paving a way to realise settlement ambitions in their newfound home.

Graduate employability is a challenge for any student regardless of their immigration status.Upon graduation, students have acquired a deep understanding of the subject matters they studied, but at times, they lack some real-life skills that are high on the list of skills sought by today’s employers.  

Our CAREER LAUNCH PAD program is a reboot opportunity for international students to make up for the opportunities they’ve lost while finding their feet during the student phase of their journey.  We have designed our Career Launch Pad program to empower international graduates with the self-awareness and the applied skills required to excel in the career of their choice, as well as formulate a strategic job search plan.

This program is a complete employability plan that gives international graduates the edge they need in an ultra-competitive job market. Starting with the world’s leading career discovery assessment tool to align student’s career plans with their personality strengths,

This program covers vital employability factors, including Applied and Technical Skills, Critical Thinking Skills and  Effective Communication Skills in the second part.

The program’s third and equally important part focuses on formulating a career strategy, personal branding in the digital space, and executing a job search and selection plan.

This solution for international students manifests our mission statement and empowers students to be deserving of what they desire.

Strengths Finder Assessment

Students begin the program by taking the world’s leading scientific career discovery assessment to identify their personality strengths. So they pursue their career pathway aligned with their true calling and flourish in their professional life.

Microsoft Office Skills & Business Software

In the continuous fast-paced digital world, it is important for students to get their hands-on training in ERP systems management. ERP’s are the back bone of our industry and workforce management.

Communication Skills for Business Environment

knowing what to say and when to say it is something we all are trying to be perfect on. Because sometimes a silly mistake ends up with a lot of consequences in our workplaces. Learn to manage yourself better with us.

Personal Branding & Career Strategy

If you’re good and presentable, there are chances that there would be more doors open for you rather than usual, so knock them down, get better at your soft skills.

Job search & Success Techniques

Finding the right job is always difficult, with the internet flooding with spam it is unmanageable to find the perfect job without knowing the details of the kind of job you’re looking for.

Membership of the professional Accreditation bodies

Our associations with professional member bodies throughout the world make it easy for you to step up your game and get set for a rewarding career.
All of the skills covered in this program, are tangible and applied in real-world scenarios. They will give graduates an edge in today’s ever-changing employability landscape.

A quality education, a fulfilling and rewarding experience accompanied by meaningful employment will ensure a successful futuristic career for a graduate and help them become a global citizen.

We are committed to providing quality employment outcomes for international students upon completion of their education. We have a vision to enhance student employability and bridge the gap between education and employment by empowering students with the skills required to master their careers, creating engagement opportunities with the business ecosystem and enriching their experience so they make a tangible contribution to their hiring organizations from day one.


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