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Canada is the second largest country in the world and is known for its quality education & world-class universities. A Degree or Diploma from a Canadian Institute is recognized worldwide. International students who graduate from Canadian Institutions enjoy success and prosperity in their careers. Canadian Institutes, charge a lower tuition fee for international students than their counterparts in competing countries and at the same time maintains an excellent quality of education. However since the fee is more affordable, admissions thus get competitive. Options for post-study work permit leading to residency makes Canada the most desirable study destination for international students.

Study Options and Educational Framework

Canadian institutes offer quality and affordable education in the fields of Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, Business Administration and Trade sectors. All these areas offer wide career opportunities globally. Construction, Automotive, IT and Petroleum engineering study options are one of the best in the world. Canadian government-owned community colleges along with universities offer great study options in the form of Undergrad Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Degree level courses for post-secondary candidates in addition to Graduate certification and postgraduate degrees after graduation. The perfect blend of practical and academic contexts prepare you for the real world.

Admissions and Visa

Visa process starts with applying for an admission thereby submitting SOP, CV and Academic documents. Fee is paid upon acceptance and COE is issued. Once COE is issued, for smoother visa processing, GIC is deposited to cover living costs beforehand. Formal visa application can be made with financial and medical documents under SDS or general category.

Post Study Work Right

After completion of studies, the students have the opportunity to extend their stay to gain valuable work experience to practically use the skills they learnt in the college. The length of the post-study stay will be equal to the duration of the study period. Generally 2-3 years.

Post Student Visa to PR pathway

Canada is one of the best options for the transition from student visa to PR, Canada welcomes students and wants to retain the talent of students who wish to call Canada their home. Schemes such as Express entry, PNP and federal sponsorship are point based systems with special provision made for international students.

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Scientific Career Planning

We adopt a scientific approach with our psychometric testing tools to create a career interest profile for you before we make any recommendations.

Visa Assistance

We help our students with the selection procedure, the eligibility criteria of the institutes that closely matches with their subject area and their career goals.

Skills To Succeed

We offer an in-house developed Skills to succeed program that ensures smooth transitioning and equips our students with required skills & techniques.

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