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Education from an Australian institute is important worldwide. 7 out of 100 top universities in the world are Australian, and 5 out of 30 best student cities are in Australia. The cost of higher education in Australia is cheaper than in countries like the UK, USA, Canada and related countries. The Indian education system, i.e. (12+3), is well accredited for getting a master’s degree from Australia. Australian education is recognized and praised globally. A student opting to study in Australia can get a world-class education and a quality life, which includes a rich culture and sports because Australia is also a sports-oriented country.

Study Options and Educational Framework

Australian institutes provide quality education in futuristic study areas such as Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, Business Administration and Trading sectors. These areas offer vast career opportunities globally; the Australian education system for international students is monitored by ESOS & TEQSA, which assures quality. Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are available for vocational education through TAFE, and Academic degree courses with conjoint options as postsecondary and postgraduate option courses.

Admissions and Visa

Visa process starts with applying for admission to an educational Institute by submitting an SOP, CV and Academic documents. The fee is paid upon acceptance, and then the COE is issued. Once COE is issued, a formal VIsa application is made with financial and medical documents. Australia welcomes students with satisfying GTE criteria.

Post Study Work Right

To be eligible for a post-study work permit, you need to have a Graduation Certificate with an ‘eligible qualification’ and at least two years of academic study in Australia at the bachelor’s level or above. Each state has different post-study work right settings according to the region.

Post Student Visa to PR pathway

There are several pathways to permanent residency in Australia; once the students complete their quality education from an Australian Institute, they get a few bonus points for their study in Australia and the work experience they gained as part of their post-study work visa. Some of their immigration policies made for Professionals & Other Skilled Workers also provide Sponsorships under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

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Scientific Career Planning

We adopt a scientific approach with our psychometric testing tools to create a career interest profile for you before we make any recommendations.

Visa Assistance

We help our students with the selection procedure, the eligibility criteria of the institutes that closely matches with their subject area and their career goals.

Skills To Succeed

We offer an in-house developed Skills to succeed program that ensures smooth transitioning and equips our students with required skills & techniques.

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