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Are you passionate about shaping young lives? Take a short quiz to see how prepared you are for a Success teaching career in Beautiful New Zealand

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1. Are you able to easily step into other people's shoes and see things from their point of view

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2. Do you regularly use initiative to act on and create new opportunities?

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3. Are you a member of a professional body in your career stream?

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4. When under pressure are you able to manage your stress levels and maintain effective performance?

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5. Do you keep up to date with industry news and developments?

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6. Are you a confident and engaging presenter?

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7. Do you tailor your cover letter for every job you apply for, clearly addressing the selection criteria/key responsibilities?

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8. Do you feel confident in your abilities to deliver constructive feedback and is it well-received?

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9. Do you accept responsibility for your views and actions?

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10. Do you crave for incremental process improvements?

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11. Do you regularly evaluate and monitor your own performance?

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12. Do you know what the 'hidden' job market is and how to access it?

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13. When commencing a project do you establish clear project goals and deliverables?

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14. Do you feel comfortable saying no to people?

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15. Are you aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, and what action is needed to achieve your career goals?

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16. Do you have a high level of personal confidence?

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17. Can you adapt successfully to changing situations, environments and priorities with ease?

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18. Are you able to manage time effectively, prioritising tasks and working to deadlines?

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19. Are you a driven and self-motivated person?

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20. Can you recognise your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behaviour, and manage your emotions in a healthy and productive way?

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21. Do you follow a structured approach to negotiation to achieve a desirable outcome?

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22. Do you present a strong, professional, positive image to others which inspires confidence and commands respect?

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23. Have you taken on additional learning and professional development to better yourself?

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24. Do you have a solid understanding of ethics, governance and compliance related to your field?

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25. Do you feel you are often able to bring people around to your way of thinking and influence their decisions?

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26. Are you practised in producing professional business communication documents such as reports, feasibility studies, proposals and business emails?

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27. Do you have an advanced/proficient level of the English language?

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28. Do you always make eye contact, nod your head and use other gestures to show people your are interested in what they are saying?

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29. Do you benchmark your performance against your peers? Do you strive to win first place and revel in contests?

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30. Would you describe yourself as a positive person?

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31. Do you have a strategic plan formulated for your job search?

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32. Do you find it easy to determine what steps are needed to achieve particular goals and set realistic plans to achieve them?

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33. Do you have paid experience in your chosen career?

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34. When making decisions do you employ decision making models to weigh up risk, evaluate alternatives and apply evaluation criteria?

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35. Do you have a professional resume which is up to industry standards?

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36. Can you express ideas clearly and confidently when speaking to others?

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37. Are you confident of your interview skills?

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38. Is it easy for you to adapt tone and language when talking to different audiences?

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39. Do you consider yourself a creative thinker and able to think outside the box?

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40. Have you got advanced Microsoft Office skills?

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41. Do you have an up to date LinkedIn profile?

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42. Do you work effectively in a team by defining roles, working towards to a common goal and taking an appropriate share of the responsibility?

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43. Do you have a personal brand you can articulate to potential employers?

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44. Do you enjoy networking and meeting new people?

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45. Do you have an understanding of what is expected of you in the workplace?

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46. Are you confident in developing Student Engagement Strategies and celebrate diversity in the classroom?

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47. Are you familiar with the NZ education framework and Assessment and Grading Practices?

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48. Are you good at identifying the students' mental health issues and providing support accordingly?

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49. Are you tech-savvy? Have you undertaken training in Google or Microsoft Education products suite?

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50. Are you familiar with Maori culture,history and heritage?

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Study and settle abroad journey is full of challenges and opportunities. Your goal should be not only education but enhanced employability in your chosen field to justify the investment of time and money.

Start your journey on the right note by testing where you stand across different skills and attributes tep New Zealand employers are looking for. Your employability depends on six factors 1. Personal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking Skills 4. Self Management Skills 5. Self management skills 6. Applied & technical Skills

A successful and rewarding career awaits you in your destination country. Use this test and prepare to stand out of crowd.

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