Planning to study abroad?Make sure you are READY

Use these short quizzes to see how prepared you are for each stage of your Study to settle journey. These quizzes are designed by team of industry experts with two decades of experience.

Planning to study abroad? 
Make sure you are READY

Use these short quizzes to see how prepared you are to overcome the challenges you will face when you land in a new environment.

One step, one quiz at a time

Job Ready Quiz

If you want meaningful, well-paid part time jobs, relevant to your studies, you need to have certain skills matched with your target area. Check if you have those skills so your student visa to PR journey starts on a right note.

Study Ready Quiz

See if you have all the skills required to successfully clear the exams and assignments because the learning & testing techniques and teaching environment of tertiary studies is different in the destination country than to the one the students are used to in India.

Life Ready Quiz

Starting a new life in your dream country is exciting but challenging at the same time, see what you already know or need to know about your destination country to enjoy your new life and achieve the success you desire.

Employability assessment

Start your journey on the right note by testing where you stand across different skills and attributes international employers are looking for. Your employability in your dream career depends on six factors 1. Personal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking Skills 4. Self Management Skills 5. Job search skills 6. Applied & technical Skills

Upon completion of Quiz, Receive a comprehensive report (A Sample Snippet)

Happy Students

It’s been super easy for me to find a job in Toronto after I learned Life changing skills taught to me at Beyond Visa. My employer has been really happy with my performance and my professional attitude which couldn’t have been possible without the Job Ready Program. Thank You So Much Team Beyond Visa.
- Arjun Sandhu

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