Beyond Visa assists students in deciding whether or not to study abroad to improve their career profile. However, external factors such as cultural diversity, a different educational system, and the lack of a support network in an unfamiliar setting, in addition to traditional career profiling practices, play a critical role in decision making. We assist them in adapting to and overcoming these obstacles. When we give recommendations for career streams, subjects, and institutes, we use our extensive knowledge of the worldwide education and economic landscape to assist students in making better career decisions. College is a time to discover interests, cultivate talents, and explore the immense resources that an institution has to offer. While focusing on scheduling and excelling in the correct classes, it might be difficult to think about life after these four years. Every day, a group of professionals works to ensure that each student’s time in the College of Science is meaningful and intentional. To assure a good return on their efforts, we present them to futuristic and globally transferable professional possibilities. Before making any recommendations, we use a scientific approach or Scientific Career Planning, such as well-researched and carefully produced psychometric testing instruments, to construct a student’s career interest profile.

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