What Is Canada AIP Visa?

07 Oct 2020

In a recent announcement, Canada made it clear that it is going for the two-stage visa program for immigrants,
international students and refugees. The current policy change and significant alteration in the visa process and
policy will help international students begin their education in Canada before the study permit system. Moreover, in their post-graduation work permit criteria, their study time outside Canada will be counted. This is the AIP visa in Canada that everyone is so interested about.

The full form of AIP happens to be approved in principle study visa. This is a quick study visa process in Canada
made in two divisions. The approval, in principle, will be received once the first stage is completed. With this
completion, the student will be able to get Canadian education from his home online. However, if you are interested in finishing your study in Canada by being there in person, then finishing the second part is essential:

Proper avenues to get the AIP approval in starting online.

Several requirements will have to be fulfilled if you want to study online like:

  1. The letter of acceptance from a Canadian university or college
  2. Proof of your financial stability
  3. The tuition fees
  4. Funding for the living expenses during your time in Canada
  5. Proof of returning home post study compliance
  6. Family type disclosure in Canada
  7. Evidence to prove that you’ll leave Canada if you don’t have legal status to remain there.

It is better to take the consultation of an expert to add to your endeavor for Canada study.
After you get the approval in principle, then you can go for online study options. You will have to keep in mind that the second stage needs to be completed properly for completing this process and getting the study visa.

Here at the requirement for stage 2 of the AIP study visa:

This is the admissibility stage where the following documents need to be submitted in order to get the full study
permit. Post lifting of the restrictions regarding travel, the students will be able to travel to Canada and complete
their studies with this visa only.

Security Police certificate
Medical examination documents
Documents about biometrics

You have to select a Canadian college or university before applying for the visa and also finish all the requirements of stage 1. After that, when you start the online study program and complete the stage 2 requirements, then only you will be ready to apply for the study visa.

However, you will be able to fly to Canada only when the travel restrictions are lifted.

Any chance that the graduation work permits eligibility will be affected by this study visa?

Negative. There is no chance that the duration of the three year post study work permit of the student gets affected by this program. Of course, the student will have to submit a study permit application, and 50% of the program needs to be completed in Canada.
When you are done with the courses, you can apply for a work permit there for up to three years, depending on your chosen subject. You will also get permanent residency during this time.

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