Advantages of Canada AIP Visa?

08 Oct 2020

One of the essential requirements for obtaining your student visa for Canada or, as they call it, your study permit is to have been previously admitted to a school or university in the country, as we have explained here.

Currently, however, Canada has had stricter rules for granting a visa. So, three new fundamental tips will help you to get your legal entry into the country.

Canada exchange
According to current data from the Canadian Federal Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), the number of rejected visas for international students has grown in the last year, even among those who have already obtained admission to a course in the country, including bachelors and masters degrees. This means that the requirements are getting a little stricter and the consulate officials responsible for the concession have more autonomy to decide if their reasons are legitimate.

The AIP Canada Student Visa happens to be the new as well as the temporary study visa process in Canada. For the purposes of Refugees, Immigration, and of course, Citizenship, the country has recently come up with some changes in policy for the international students. At the present time of crisis, the international students wishing to study in Canada will be able to do that, even prior to the completion of the study permit program they are in. This is the kind of opportunity that the international students will be able to support their studies entirely. However, one needs to hear about the whole program before coming down to any kind of judgment about it, IRCC has made these changes by introducing the AIP (Approval in Principle) program. This is the same program through which the international students will be able to continue their respective studies from the respective countries. The changes have been recent, keeping in mind the recent changes in the Covid-19 situation. The government of Canada had been considerate about these matters and has come up with the decision mentioned above.

A wide plethora of advantages are waiting for the students of the AIP Study Visa Program:

The first thing that the international students can have in this study visa program is that they will be able to continue their studies from their hometown through the internet. This will ensure that they stay fit and healthy and, at the same time, achieve success in the completion of the program. IRCC will be offering support when the above-mentioned conditions will be fulfilled. There will be helping the students who want to study in Canada by making them aware of the paraphernalia of getting a study permit as well as complete the study. In a nutshell, it can be said that this is the perfect program for international students under the situation where traveling is a significant hazard. Through this study visa program, they will be able to come to Canada and, at the same time, get Permanent Residency later in their career. This is the perfect option for all now.

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