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With offices in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and India

Who We Are

We are a team of International career consultants with a strong focus on employability enhancement. Beyond Visa is an initiative by professionals who started their journeys as international students 20 years back from now, and we want to pass on the experience and knowledge to the next generation of aspiring students looking for a career overseas.

We distinguish ourselves from conventional education agencies in many ways but mainly we act as a career mentor rather than an agent. We have a strong presence in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India, where we offer in-depth knowledge about these destinations which helps you to choose the right country for your education overseas.


Why Us?

Our senior management has a collective experience of 60 years in the field of education, immigration and employability, helping our clients to make an informed decision and acquire the necessary skill sets to succeed in uncharted territories. Our Indian roots help us understand the needs of our students better and enables us to offer success ensuring solutions. We encourage our clients to think beyond visa and focus on the real matters which define success.

Our instinctive belief in the fact that our responsibility just doesn’t end with visa facilitation but indeed begins there, makes us a natural choice for career-minded students seeking expert advice about study options overseas. We promote and practice a transparent and ethical business model. The youth has access to a lot of information on the internet but it can prove to be too overwhelming at times. This is where we offer our first-hand experience to them which helps them in making better career choices and informed decisions. Their success is our Passion.

Our Services

Scientific Career Planning

We adopt a scientific approach with our psychometric testing tools to create a career interest profile for you before we make any recommendations.

Visa Assistance

We help our students with the selection procedure, the eligibility criteria of the institutes that closely matches with their subject area and their career goals.

Skills To Succeed

We offer an in-house developed Skills to succeed program that ensures smooth transitioning and equips our students with required skills & techniques.

Mission & Vision


We strive to be deserving of the trust we aim to win.


Bridge the gap between education and employment through empowerment, engagement, and experience.

Core Values

Uncompromising Ethics

We are guided by conscious commitment to always do the right thing.

Courageous Determination

We are empowered to do what it takes to deliver what we promise.

Igeneous Collaboration

We nurture a collaborative environment that promotes inclusive growth.

Purposeful Innovation

We delight our customers with what they desire and deserve by offering success ensuring solutions.

Social Responsibility


We are truly inspired by the thought of education being a powerful tool which can reweave the fabric of communities. Since we operate in the educational spectrum, we recognize and believe that quality education should be a right and not just a privilege.

Our social responsibility and genuine intent to contribute in making quality education available for all sections of our society, we partner with each student who avails our services, to sponsor the education of a child from underprivileged sections of our society. We also associate with well-regarded NGOs working to uplift the community through the power of education.

This program is called “Zariya – The chain inspiring change”. Together we make efforts to shape a life which might have the potential to change many more lives, in the future. By doing this we seek blessings from the heavens above, as we embark on a new journey in our life.

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